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Date:2005-12-03 12:44
Subject:See me sing!

For those of you that don't know already, I joined the Vanderbilt Community Chorus this semester. (Yay for me and getting back into extracurricular activities!) Our holiday concert is Friday, December 16, at 8pm in the Martha Rivers Ingram Hall, Blair School of Music. I'm super excited about it! ...although the micro&immuno departmental holiday party is right before it, so now I won't be able to partake in all the free booze that I do so enjoy. boo... Anywho, hope you all can make it!!

Martha Rivers Ingram Center for the Performing Arts, Blair School of Music, 2400 Blakemore Avenue, Nashville TN. (615) 322-7651.
I - 440 to West End Avenue; North on West End, right on 31st Ave/Blakemore Avenue, left on 25th Avenue, right on Capers Avenue.

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Date:2005-01-18 18:18

Does someone want a dog? We would take it, but it's our neighbor's, and I think they'd notice if we stole their dog. His name's Ripley (from Aliens), and while he's a little hyperactive, he's just a cute little sweet puppy. They leave him outside all the freakin time, while their other evil-demon-dog (which Tec seriously thought was going to attack him) stays inside with the comfort of central heat. He's tied up by the garage door, free to roam as he pleases between the driveway and the garage. I think he can reach a small patch of grass. Ripley was still outside last night at 9, but when I checked around 10, the garage door was shut, but they probably just left him in the garage. I don't know what the actual temperature was, but I know it was below freezing all day yesterday. This morning when we left for work, he was out again.

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Date:2005-01-14 11:19
Subject:the banana mystery
Mood: chipper

yesterday i packed two bananas in my lunch. when i got to the lab, i put my lunch in the office fridge, but first took out the bananas because i don't like cold bananas. about an hour later, i went to snack on one of my bananas, but they were gone. first i thought chad had stolen and hidden them, but he said he hadn't even seen any bananas. i figured i left them at home. however, they were not at home, and they weren't in the lab, and they weren't in my tummy, so where did they go?! surely someone from my lab wouldn't have STOLEN my bananas!

i was very concerned for my bananas. firstly, because i was looking forward to eating them because they were at the perfect stage of ripeness (just with a few brown spots), and secondly, i did not want my bananas to start rotting away if they had fallen behind a filing cabinet. so i looked for about 20 min around the lab this morning. still no bananas. charles finally came in, and i asked him. he started laughing. he thought they were his bananas because he also brought in two bananas. he said he would give me his bananas in place of my bananas, but his bananas have been in the fridge in departmental break room. and like i said, i don't like cold bananas.

mystery solved, so i can stop fretting about my bananas now.


on a non-banana-related topic, we played trivial pursuit pop culture edition last night. it's only the second time we finished the game (we've had it for a year), and my friend john and i won!! and i got the final question right! (the bride of chucky was jennifer tilly). we met this couple amanda and jake, and i must say, jake could be some tough trivial pursuit competition for matt walker.

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Date:2005-01-12 10:13
Subject:BIG OL' POOP
Mood: stressed

So I'm trying to get into this Master's degree program here at Vandy. Applications are due March 1. While talking with my professor on Friday, he told me it'd be best for me to retake my GRE to up my score (since I blew it off the first time when I decided I wasn't going to apply for graduate school at the time). I was kind of nervous, because getting back into an academic-mode is fairly hard after two and a half years of doing the absolute minimum of thinking required. The verbal section always kills me. Who uses those words anyways? So my plan was to boost up my math and analytical scores. I knew that they modified the format by adding writing, but until yesterday, I didn't realized they completely replaced the analytical section with the writing! I thought they had only modified the verbal section! DAMNIT! I haven't written anything since graduation, and the last two years of school, I only did scientific writing. Plus I have 75 min to write TWO essays! Holy shit, I'm freaking out....

I have about three weeks to cram for this thing. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Date:2005-01-11 13:43

everyone's driving me nuts today.

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Date:2005-01-07 11:23
Subject:my nieces are the cutest!

jenna and jamie

those are pigtails, not devil horns, coming out of their head.

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Date:2004-12-16 10:35

i'm starting another mouse experiment today. i just finished shaving their legs. yeah, i have to shave thier little legs. i kinda like it.

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Date:2004-12-14 06:37

it's 6:37 am. i have been in lab for over 2 hours. i was also here at from 10:30-11:00 last night. i'm so glad this kind of experiment doesn't happen often.

if you're curious, we're injecting anthrax toxin into mice to see if our peptide will rescue them from death. could be pretty exciting stuff and big money for our lab.


guess i should get some of my other work done now. i've been on LJ for an hour.

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Date:2004-10-26 09:29

Check out this hilarious flash animation, "Monster Slash." http://www.monsterslash.org
It's a spoof on the original Halloween hit, Monster Mash, but covers a
more serious topic: The Bush Administration's plans to slash
protections on 58 million acres of our last wild National Forests, opening them
up to logging, mining, and oil industries. Clean drinking water for
millions of Americans, critical habitat for wildlife, and endless recreational opportunities in our National Forests will be threatened.

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Date:2004-09-14 10:45

i was completely oblivious.


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Date:2004-09-09 12:06

hey nashville people!
next weekend is "wine on the river" downtown on the shelby ave pedestrian bridge. info at www.wineontheriver.com. $30 for all the wine you want to taste! tec and i are planning to go again, unless tec's sister goes into labor early. let me know if you want to join us!

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Date:2004-08-04 14:22

my korean friend always asks me to correct his english grammar. the lab is going to lunch tomorrow, and i'm arranging carpools. he emailed me and wrote "may i board on your toy, please?" hahahahhahahahahahhahahahha i had to tell him that's very bad "konglish" (=korean+english) and not repeat that, especially females.


that made my day.

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Date:2004-07-30 16:11

i may have lost our new digital camera. we got it right after the wedding. we haven't seen it in the past 2 weeks. i swear i took it out of my purse so it wouldn't get scratched...and layed it...somewhere. on a table, on the counter?? either it got stuck somewhere else, which i don't remember doing, and tec is really good about remembering where he stores things.

....it crosses my mind... could someone have snatched it up??

i'm going to be so pissed at myself if it doesn't turn up.


the stresses of house-buying have presented themselves. trying to lock in a low interest rate. problems with credit scores changing in the last 10 days (wtf?!). need to take a deep breath.... need to stop knocking shit over... if i have to repeat one more thing today, i'm quitting...

...well, for today anyways....

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Date:2004-07-26 17:03
Mood: bouncy

we found a house! yeah, we move quickly. we only looked for about 2 days (this was the 7th house we looked at ). but we love it, so why not push forward? it's brand spankin' new. only a few miles from where we are now. 3 br, 2 bath, nice size yard. vaulted ceiling in the great room. recessed ceiling in the master bedroom. nice big walkin closet. kitchen counter space is a little limited, but can easily be expanded with an island on casters. i have a *pantry* now (yay!). 1 car garage.

we're excited! trying to close on august 11.

here's the floorplan: http://www.greenvaleconstruction.com/plans.php?subid=19&planid=51
except ours is a mirror image so they can make houses "look" different from each other.

oh yeah, we ran into our old neighbor, who likes to gossip about everyone and start lots of drama. she was approved by the same builder to get a house. noooo!!!!!!!! dear lord, please do not let her find a house in our neighborhood...

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Date:2004-07-26 15:52
Subject:oh goodness

new orleans
oct 16-17


Kid Rock
A Tribe Called Quest
Green Day
Paul Van Dyk
Sonic Youth
The Polyphonic Spree
Cypress Hill
Phantom Planet
Snow Patrol
Wylde Bunch
De La Soul
Velvet Revolver
The Pixies
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The Killers
New Found Glory
Cowboy Mouth
Gogol Bordello
The Thrills

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Date:2004-07-23 23:05

the house hunting has begun! yes yes, we are buying a house! we looked at four houses today; it was pretty exhausting but exciting. one of them was such a cool floorplan, but the previous owners just let it all go to hell. and every room had different flooring (two different types of carpet, one bedroom had some fucked up purple, green, black and grey vinyl. these people had some wierd taste). two of the houses are good possibilities (one is about 4 streets away from sabs & matt!) they are a tad on the small side (1100-1200 sq ft). we're going to look at a few that are a little bigger tomorrow. we'll have to balance out the pros/cons; see if its worth paying the extra. a bigger house means we could get a housemate. we'll see how it goes... but i'm super pumped!!

gonna go watch finish watching "the bourne identity". need a refresher before we see "the bourne supremecy" this weekend.

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Date:2004-07-14 15:35
Subject:poop on chevy
Mood: aggravated

tec's blazer wouldn't start on sunday. he thought it was something minor. monday he had it towed into the shop. ended up needing a new fuel pump. apparently with chevy blazers, if you replace the fuel pump, you also have to replace the whole gas tank and all that goes along with it. $920 after the tax was added, not to include the $55 he spent to tow it in.

we have spent approximately $8000 on this truck in repairs. more than half was due to an accident when he didn't have car insurance, and a lot of the following expenses were repercussions from that ordeal. his truck is now valued at half of what we owe on it, due to the gazillion miles he has put on it for work. someone needs to blow that truck up so we can just get a new one!

anywho, at least on a happier note, i realized that i have roadside assistance with our USAA car insurance. we should have called them have called them initially, but we didn't even think about it. i just got off the phone with them and they are willing to reimburse us. yay for USAA! i love them.

oh yeah, and tec had 3/4 of a tank of gas when he brought his truck in, and when he got it back, it was almost empty. they could only salvage 6 gallons out of approximately 15-20 gallons. grrrrrrrr

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Date:2004-07-01 12:26
Subject:spider-man, spider-man, does whatever a spider can!
Mood: energetic

went to see "spider-man 2" last night. before we went in, we were all getting into tec's truck to drive around and smoke. i had to sit on major's lap because tec's truck is full of equipment. so i'm somewhat situated, major slams the door shut, and motherfucker!!!!!!!!!! my hand was still on the door frame. i have never felt such immense pain before (note: i have yet to have broken a bone or even sprained a wrist or ankle [knock on wood]). my poor finger is okay, just feels pretty bruised up.

as for "spider-man 2", i really enjoyed it, but all the boys thought something was missing. overall, still great. i would not say this is the "best comic book movie of all time" as it's being reviwed by critics. but we'll still buy it on DVD when it comes out.

saw a preview for "lemony snicket's series of unfortunate events". oh oh oh it looks so good! jim carey plays count olaf. i really should read all the books. we only listened to one of the books on tape on our trips to mobile. quite entertaining...

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Date:2004-06-25 15:10
Subject:der da der

this week has been one big fat stinking brain fart for me. i keep making stupid mistakes here and there. i can't process my thoughts clearly. i've been making things 100 times more complicated than it really is. i'm so glad it's friday.

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Date:2004-06-21 13:12

saturday morning we received news that tec's cousin died friday night in his sleep. preliminary tests indicate a heart attack. he was only 27 or 28. he had an uncle that died in a similar circumstance.

about 3 years ago, he and his wife had twins that were born prematurely; they didn't hang on for very long. he buried them himself at the funeral. six months ago they had a healthy baby girl. they moved into their new house that he built himself. but now she's alone with her little baby girl, in this house that he built. i can't imagine what she's going thru.

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